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AHGP Mississippi Civil War


Confederate Constitution

The Confederate States Constitution

Museum of the Confederacy

There are a number of archived exhibits and historical information available concerning both the state of Mississippi and Mississippians at the Museum of the Confederacy. The following information was made available through its archives' index1. The title headings here, indicate which archivial collection index the item appears under. You may visit the Museum of the Confederacy online.


Buchanan, Franklin, Admiral Letters to Mrs. J. W. Harris, President of Ladies Gunboat Association Columbus, Miss. - Confederate Navy Collection, Confederate Museum Archives
Julian [schooner] - Julian [schooner] Coasting trade license, port of Shieldsboro, [LA], Pearl River, June 18, 1861 [transferred from Numismatics Collection]
File - Correspondence Letter from Dabney H. Maury to Miss Molly Maury, Holly Springs, MS, October 15, 1867


Phelps, Thomas A to “Dear Master:” letter from Woodville [Miss.] slave to master, April 4, 1865.

ROLL OF HONOR Civil War Confederate Soldier Reminiscence

McIntosh, James R., 1st Lt., Mississippi, 24th Infantry, Co. H. (Buena Vista Hornets raised in Chickasaw County, MS). UNIT HX
Murphy, William B., Mississippi, 2nd Vols. Co. A, UNIT HX
Stevens, H. H, Capt. , Mississippi, 17th Infantry, Co. I (Company I -- the Pettus Rifles (DeSoto County, MS) UNIT HX

Other References of the State of Mississippi held by the Museum of the Confederacy in Roll of Honour Civil War Confederate Soldier Reminiscence

J. W. Marshall, 20th Tenn. Infantry Co. D., Paroled at Meridian, MS May 1865.
Benj. F. Taylor, Sgt., 5th Tenn. Inf Co. F, E, A,


Sgt. Lafayette Rogan 34th Mississippi Infantry, Co. B printed typescript (and photocopy) January 1, 1864-December 31, 1864 Prison: Rock Island 99 pp.
Sgt. Issac (“Ike”) P. Beauchamp, Co. H, 20th Mississippi Infantry 40 letters (31 wartime), June 1861-December 1862 (part of Beauchamp-West Letters, Family History Collection Series)
Lt. John B. Coleman, 16th Mississippi Infantry, Co. G 4 letters, March-April 1863, January 1864


(identical 11/6/2009 files as above.)


Trans-Mississippi Department, UCV, Gen. William L. Cabell, adjutant: General Order No. 27, February 19, [___] announcing death of Gen. Joseph O. Shelby [photocopy] UCV General Order No. 233, May 16, 1900: announcing deaths of Col. W. D. Holder, 17th Mississippi Infantry and Maj. Gen. John Y. Gilmore (UCV) 3 files of requests for information on soldiers.

The Museum of theConfederacy: Research & Resources

There is much, much, more on the Sons of Confederate Veterans and artifacts of the Civil War at the Museum of the Confederacy including photographs and exhibits.

African American Collection - PDF 72K

Jefferson Davis Family Collection - PDF 405K (this file make take several minutes to download)

Hollywood Memorial Association Collection - PDF 90K

Thomas J. Jackson Collection - PDF 128K

Robert E. Lee Family Collection - PDF 172K

Monuments and Memorials Collection - PDF 161K

John S. Mosby Collection - PDF 120K

Navy Collection - PDF 196K

Soldier Diary Collection - PDF 108K

Soldier Letters Collection - PDF 228K

Veterans Collection  - PDF 168K 


1The Museum of the Confederacy: Research & Resources,
Accessed URL:, 11/2009.

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